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The Jazz FM Awards 2013: Meet the Nominees: Pat Metheny – Album of the Year

Winner of 34 Grammy nominations, 19 Grammy awards, 3 Gold Records, and 37 recordings, Pat Metheny has had established himself in the music industry.  However, with Metheny, you simply never know what is coming next. But among the many things that make this ever-changing artist so special is the consistent level of commitment and quality that he brings to everything he does. Pat Metheny, Chris Potter, Ben Williams, and Antonio Sanchez make up the Unity Band.  After two consecutive yet wildly different solo recordings, (the innovative Orchestrion and last year’s Grammy-winning baritone guitar outing What’s It All About); Metheny returns with a quartet record, Unity Band.  This band is a real manifestation of those big ideas as one singular sound. We are using all of the unique qualities available to us as individuals and as an ensemble and, we hope, creating a greater whole to make something true to itself.