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2018 PRS for Music Gold Award2018 Impact Award2018 PPL Lifetime Achievement Award2018 Soul Act of the Year2018 Live Experience of the Year2018 PRS Gold Award2018 Album of the Year2018 International Jazz Act of the Year2018 Vocalist of the Year2018 Jazz Innovation of the Year2018 Blues Act of the Year2018 Instrumentalist of the Year2018 Digital Initiative of the Year2018 UK Jazz Act of the Year2018 Breakthrough Act of the Year2017 Gold Award2015 Album of the Year2015 Live Experience of the Year2015 UK Jazz Act of the Year2015 Breakthrough Act of the Year2015 Instrumentalist of the Year2015 Vocalist of the Year2015 Jazz Innovation of the Year2015 International Jazz Artist of the Year2015 Blues Artist of the Year2015 Soul Artist of the Year2015 PPL Lifetime Achievement2013 UK Jazz Act of the Year2013 Cutting Edge Award for Jazz Innovation2013 Album of the Year2013 International Jazz Artist2013 Best UK Newcomer2013 UK Vocalist of the Year2013 Instrumentalist of the Year2013 Best UK Jazz Venue2013 Lifetime Achievement Award2013 Gold Award for Outstanding contribution to Jazz2013 Jazz Media2013 Live UK Show of the Year2017 Impact Award2017 PPL Lifetime Achievement Award2016 Impact Award2016 International Jazz Artist of the Year2016 Jazz Innovation of the Year2016 Instrumentalist of the Year2016 Breakthrough Act of the Year2016 UK Jazz Act of the Year2016 Soul Artist of the Year2016 Live Experience of the Year2016 Vocalist of the Year2016 Digital Initiative of the Year2016 Album of the Year2016 Blues Artist of the Year2016 PPL Lifetime Achievement Award2017 Live Experience of the Year2017 UK Jazz Act of the Year2017 Album of the year2017 Digital Initiative of the Year2017 Jazz Innovation of the Year2017 Soul Artist of the Year2017 Blues Artist of the Year2017 Instrumentalist of the Year2017 Vocalist of the Year2017 International Jazz Artist2017 Breakthrough Act of the Year